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I want a person who will share their mind, body & soul. I am erotic, sensuous & passionate. My limits are few with the right, trusted partner. I don't just fall into bed with anyone. Take the time to get to know me. I'm worth it. Aren't you? Generally optimistic by nature with a strong sense of humor & sense of self. Confident, persuasive, intelligent, fiery, passionate, free-spirited, unpretentious, sensual & sexual are some words that describe me. I like people-watching & like being on display. What woman doesn't enjoy attention? I want to share & enjoy life--not control yours! I have a rough enough time controlling my own!! I want to have great adventures and not be tied down to a person with too many responsibilities who doesn't have time to live. However if the right person connects with me, we can take it from there. I'm willing to do whatever I can to please my partner. Will you reciprocate? My looks are: long, red hair, hazel colored eyes, curvy, , proportioned body, gothic/bondage, black attire preferred. I believe in beauty inside--looks fade, but yes, that's where we all start. Are you into more than just "vanilla" sex? BDSM to Tantric sex--I want to explore it all. Fetish is a major interest for me. My life-style is an unconventional one & I like it that way. Trying to change/control me is the best way to lose me! I don't have children, so it's a plus if you don't either. Not looking to be anyone's Mommy. If you're depressed, dependent, a liar,jobless,live with Momma,or you're not-quite-divorced-yet,a cheater, self-centered, cruel, mysogynistic, materialistic, excessively overweight (40 lbs), controlling, emotionally unavailable, mean-spirited person, or just an a**hole in general-- YOU ARE NOT FOR ME!! Do you know what "CHEMISTRY" is? THAT'S WHAT WE NEED TO MAKE IT WORK. Tell me something to pique` my interest in you. Enough of the usual, boring, sexual talk! Obviously that's part of why we're here. I'm worth getting to know. You should think more of yourself as well.NO PIC=NO RESPONSE!! Please, don't waste my time by being 100 miles away! Also, I can't look at other members profiles unless it's e-mailed. And I can't initiate first contact--you'll have to. (I'm only a standard member.)
I am seeking:
Women, Men
5' 7"
Hair Color:
Prefer Not To Say
Eye Color:
Prefer Not To Say
Body Type:
A little extra Padding
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