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I love dancing, can’t take a step without at least one dance move. I love lots of things: old movies, rain clatter on the window, music – (is it possible not to dance or at least ‘tap the beat' when you hear really good music – like soul?). Smiles, singing in the shower, sunny days on the beach, to have a really nice tan, midnight conversations over the phone, to talk about nothing and everything with my nearest ones, holding hands, romantic chick flick movies (it's more of a thing you love to hate).. The list could go on forever and ever.. Simply, I love life – with all the ups and downs that it contains. It’s not always sunshine and angel choirs singing “Hallelujah” or like the romantic movies where everything is predictable, but when life is bad, and yes sometimes it sucks, that's when you really feel that you’re never alone. That someone carries you, holds your hand, wipes away the tears and leads you on the right path.
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