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I am an intelligent, sweet, attractive, sexy, somewhat shy, as well as a very sensual and passionate SWF,I enjoy going dancing quite a bit as well as dining out. I am looking for something very narrow and specific and do not want to be talked into anything other than what is stated. My biggest pleasure involves going parking at the beach near my house after a date on either a Fri. or Sat. night. I am very familiar with the location and feel very safe there. I get aroused at night being by the water underneath the sky because it's a very romantic setting. What adds to the night for me is that there is a small group of regular men who enjoy watching couples engaged in sexual activity in their cars. At times, they watch from their cars and other times, they come over to the car window and watch up close, sometimes using a flashlight to see better. It is a very safe situation and the guys watching are very respectful. I have been doing this for many years now and would like someone to share this with regularly and year-long. During the winter months, I enjoy a heated car and during the summer, I enjoy being out on a blanket in the sand with the nice, warm ocean air. I am not interested in threesomes, swinging, going to any sex clubs, going anywhere indoors or secluded, nor am I interested in other public places other than my special beach. I do not want a one-night stand, nor am I looking for penetration of any kind, only oral sex and I want this respected.
I am seeking:
5' 4"
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