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I like to be adventurous, you only live life once,so live it like its your last.Likes to be with people and help anyway I can.I love to dance,go to movies,nice walks and talks,dinners.I work at a gay bar so I see people for who and what they are its all about showing respect.But I am bi and love it. .I also love my peach bubble baths by candlelight,love toys,and XXX movies.I am shy to a point,but you know what they say about the shy ones *wink* As far as the bedroom though I like new experiences what can it hurt but try once if one wants to. But all in all I am a one on one person. Like to focus my attention on them as much as I can.
I am seeking:
Women, Men
5' 5"
Hair Color:
Prefer Not To Say
Eye Color:
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Body Type:
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